Thursday, 26 August 2010

Importance of Career Guidance in Pakistan

All good things come to an end eventually, even our carefree college days will e over and we will officially be entering in a career, which we will have chosen according to our own interest and aptitude.  Believe me much of what we learn now will be obsolete by the time we graduate, so it is tough to say what courses or majors will best prepare us for the job market in the future and which career should be demanding that time, thus the choice of a particular is very important and especially in Pakistan where Pakistani students very rarely give importance to career guidance.  In fact, even the numbers and types of jobs in the market right now are not good indicator of the opportunities that will e available once we complete our degree, but one thing is for sure, globally studies are showing that almost all hot future careers relate to areas of scientific advance, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and energy technology. One probably noticed these are high skill level jobs, not management jobs. 

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