Saturday, 29 January 2011

Education and profession plays a pivotal role in Life

Education and profession plays a pivotal  role in way of ones life from begin    till demise. If students’  schooling best match with their abilities they    become one of the  effective person on earth. if you especially talk about Pakistan where literacy rate is so low  that    people are not enough equipped with schooling how they can be  self guided about    the career direction and its problem of our area  that even many knowledgeable    individuals don’t think about this critical  issue.... many parents forces their    children to select the field they  chosen for themselves.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Why is Caree Guidance?

What is the major objective of guidance and counseling?  The question that arises is, does career guidance applied in our schools, educational institutions and other places.  Whether each employee is now working in a job or profession correlated with the abilities and inclinations? Regretfully the answer is negative; I have learned vocational guidance in schools where students were not satisfied with whatever courses they were learning at that time. They are enrolled in colleges,  do not agree with their abilities, interests, when you ask a student what are you willing to do after completing the course, he says: What I am doing,  I do not like this type of study, but my God has put me.

We in public education say that our guidance educationally and professionally, in the sense that the student is directed to study commensurate with the abilities and inclinations, but the reality is other because the student does not know himself and did not know its capabilities and preparations for that graduating from high school to any.
Who is responsible for this? Is it a school or university, and students who fail at the university where to go? There are huge numbers of college graduates did not get a job after graduation.

As far as the process of vocational guidance is concerned, do we ask ourselves one day about the reason for the delay some of the staff or their absence from work and not to their productivity.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Teaching Training

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds and peace and blessings be upon His Prophets and Messengers, our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions ... After

Given the importance of the teacher in the educational process and is entrusted with the responsibilities of many educational institutions have given considerable attention to its preparation, and development efficiency, making it easier and appointed him his task on the performance of his future, the society and push forward to keep pace with the modern world.

Based on the said theory, teachers are being prepared for such jobs. They are being given advanced software and training to prepare them before and during the service. Those efforts are still continuing to develop its performance.

 This Community Service in collaboration with the Deanship of Graduate Studies and the Department of Education in the Faculty of Dawa and Fundamentals of Religion in the Islamic University to contribute to this project to provide the graduates of the Islamic University and other college graduates is education in the disciplines appropriate to the functions of education with the skills necessary for teaching to the fullest.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

B.Tech (Pass) admission... PCSIR Training Center

Admission in B.Tech programme is announced by PCSIR Training Institute Karachi.  Interested candidate can had the admission form form the institute.  For further details below advertisement may be helpful.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Spirit of the Squirrel...HR Book Resource

The first principle of Gung Ho! Examines the fervent nature of squirrels while they passionately go about gathering nuts to store food for the winter months.  They are motivated because they view this as worthwhile for themselves individually and work as a team toward a shared goal.  Based on this behaviour, the Spirit of the Squirrel highlights three specific things that need to be in place in an organisations increase its productivity:

  • Employees knowing they make the world a better place
  • Everyone working toward a shred goal
  • Values guiding all plans, decisions and actions

Everyone must be committed to the same clearly understood goal, like the squirrels are committed to gathering seeds to survive the winter.  Understanding that their work is worthwhile, gives employees self esteem, which is one of the most powerful human emotions.

This first principle is centered on worthwhile work, within the boundaries of a value set that helps move the organisation toward its mission, vision and goals.  Ultimately, no matter how important or menial a task might seem on the face of it, employees are more individual role on the company, their fellow employees, the community and customers.

Even if the goals are initiated by managers, they will become meaningful if they generate commitment from the people who must accomplish them.  Having shared goals will help to ensure buying and commitments from team members because people support best that which they help create.  The book makes a good point that although compensation and material rewards are necessary and important, ultimately employees are engaged and more productive if they believe in what they are doing, understand their role, and feel that they are an important piece of puzzle. 

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Culture of High Performance

Most organisations today are trying to create a culture of high performance.  in fact, in most cases senior management would love to have a performance culture where people discover and solve their own problems.  This will lead to increased efficiency, added value per employee and business growth.  Here are a few tips to help you develop a high performance, solution oriented culture within your organisation.

Customer Fanaticism:
Go beyond customer focus, it is too corporate!  Love your customer to the extent of becoming a fanatic regarding their happiness;  when discussing issues and making decisions focus on the customer.  This may also mean that you avoid parking your car in front of the office, leaving your customers to keep looking for parking.

Terrorise Comfort Zones:
Considering the rapid change taking place everywhere, especially the economic situation in Pakistan, it is only fair to fasten your seat belts and accelerate into the unknown.  Move beyond feedback to feed forward. 

Assassinate Your Ego:
This is easier said than done.  The closest enemy of ego is humility.  Practice it. 

Be Parliamentarians:
The best way of getting things done is to get a buy-in from stakeholders and involve them in discussions.  Argue.  Fight.  Have conflicts but all in the spirit of customer fanaticism. 

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Core Focus Areas... Recruitment, Development, Organisational Design

Building a strong executive bench requires an organisation to consider its organisation design, business strategy, recruitment, development and retention of key executives as core focus areas.  Standard replacement planning efforts at most organizations result in an exposure to four critical succession risks:

Vacancy risk:
Is there a risk of any critical leadership positions remaining vacant?  This may be due to the scarcity of the skill set available in the industry or due to lack of information on the management’s part in prioritizing the required skill set and identifying turnover risks. 

Portfolio risk:
This involves the risk of poor deployment of talent to meet an organisation’s business goals and can often lead to managers being unable to meet evolving business priorities.  A major contributor to such a scenario is the organisation’s inability to take changing business needs in to account.

Readiness risk:
Arises from the lack of development of possible successors who have limited understanding of the required skill level to take over the new leadership role.  The chief reason for such a risk arising is a high turnover. 

Transition risk:
Arises when the new leader is unable to assimilate into the organisation successfully.  This may be due to poor on-boarding to the new leader and due to lack of accountability and developmental activities early on in new role and action plans.

Monday, 3 January 2011

New year for Pakistani Students to choose a Career

What are the opportunities for Pakistani students in this new year, 2011.  Various fields of interests are waiting for their attention.  Engineering, medical, civil services, business, law, computer, everywhere there are ample options for them to choose one. 

Sunday, 2 January 2011

PIM Spoken English Learning Program

Pakistan Institute of Management is starting its famous Spoken English Language Program.  The classes will be initiated from 2nd of Feb, 2011.  As it is proved that in todays competative world the importance of speaking correct englush language is undeniable.  All those who want to excell in their career should attend such training program.  The details are included in this advertisement.