Saturday, 8 January 2011

Culture of High Performance

Most organisations today are trying to create a culture of high performance.  in fact, in most cases senior management would love to have a performance culture where people discover and solve their own problems.  This will lead to increased efficiency, added value per employee and business growth.  Here are a few tips to help you develop a high performance, solution oriented culture within your organisation.

Customer Fanaticism:
Go beyond customer focus, it is too corporate!  Love your customer to the extent of becoming a fanatic regarding their happiness;  when discussing issues and making decisions focus on the customer.  This may also mean that you avoid parking your car in front of the office, leaving your customers to keep looking for parking.

Terrorise Comfort Zones:
Considering the rapid change taking place everywhere, especially the economic situation in Pakistan, it is only fair to fasten your seat belts and accelerate into the unknown.  Move beyond feedback to feed forward. 

Assassinate Your Ego:
This is easier said than done.  The closest enemy of ego is humility.  Practice it. 

Be Parliamentarians:
The best way of getting things done is to get a buy-in from stakeholders and involve them in discussions.  Argue.  Fight.  Have conflicts but all in the spirit of customer fanaticism. 

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