Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Why is Caree Guidance?

What is the major objective of guidance and counseling?  The question that arises is, does career guidance applied in our schools, educational institutions and other places.  Whether each employee is now working in a job or profession correlated with the abilities and inclinations? Regretfully the answer is negative; I have learned vocational guidance in schools where students were not satisfied with whatever courses they were learning at that time. They are enrolled in colleges,  do not agree with their abilities, interests, when you ask a student what are you willing to do after completing the course, he says: What I am doing,  I do not like this type of study, but my God has put me.

We in public education say that our guidance educationally and professionally, in the sense that the student is directed to study commensurate with the abilities and inclinations, but the reality is other because the student does not know himself and did not know its capabilities and preparations for that graduating from high school to any.
Who is responsible for this? Is it a school or university, and students who fail at the university where to go? There are huge numbers of college graduates did not get a job after graduation.

As far as the process of vocational guidance is concerned, do we ask ourselves one day about the reason for the delay some of the staff or their absence from work and not to their productivity.

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