Saturday, 30 October 2010

ADE/B.Ed (Honors) Elementary degree program in Pakistan with the assistance of US-Aid

Career in  Teaching in Pakistan

Excellent career opportunities are being offered by the government through a degree program called ADE/B.Ed (Honors) Elementary

A Bachelors degree, with a B.Ed., shall be the minimum requirement for teaching at the elementary level. A Masters level for the secondary and higher secondary, with a B.Ed., shall be ensured by 2018. PTC and CT shall be phased out through encouraging the present set of teachers to improve their qualifications.” - National Education Policy of 2009

“It is a departure from 19th Century model to 21st century teacher education program emphasizing on skill-based knowledge.”- Dr Fayyaz Ahmed, Senior Director Policy Reform and Institutional Development Pre-STEP

“Candidates with B.Ed. degree are generally given preference as per new recruitment policies in Punjab” - District Education Managers, Punjab

“Provincial government has approved the four-year B.Ed. (Hons.) Elementary program and government is determined to implement the program” - Education Manager from BoC, Sindh.




  1. ADE Program is key to the bright future of Pakistan.

  2. nothing in this ruined system........ I had done B.Ed Hons but....

  3. I hv done b.ed hons but I don't know where to apply what to do now

    1. Farwa apply for M.phill in education

    2. How many years for a M.Phil?

  4. i have done B.ed hons in 2015 but I don't know where to apply what to do now

  5. I hv also done b.ed hons in 2017 but koi vancies nai he is degree k lie

  6. Plese koi information he to btaday