Saturday, 4 December 2010

Opportunities in Retail Management

What should I do to sustain myself other than accepting a low salary?
Is it suitable now to jump into another line as I also hold a MBA in marketing?
Should I relocate to another country, e.g. Dubai?

I have 12 years of experience in the shoe and garment retail industry.  The problem which I face is the lack of opportunities in retail management, especially in the field of men’s garments.  I would like to push my career into the higher management of garments retailing but after trying for different vacancies, I have failed to get a better opportunity.  I need a higher salary but there are limited opportunities, and I am unable to grow within the retail world.

I am sure you knew when you took on the job of retail management that it was not one of the most lucrative jobs in Pakistan, then why are you surprised by the lack of both money and opportunities in this field?
The only reason I can think of as to why you would be in retail is that you probably enjoy it.  Now why should not you enjoy it, after all, it is a fast paced, dynamic, creative and ever changing filed.  Change in retailing is what drives success.  Styles change.  Customer needs and wants evolve.  And you too can be successful in this field if you embrace change and diversity your experience. 
No need to look abroad, the fledgling Pakistani retail industry is about to explode.  You will be ale to ride the wave of success if you diversify your retail experience to include buying and merchandising, store design and planning and product development.  How do you get such exposure?  By volunteering your services of course! You would be crazy to think that someone would pay you for it right now, but by getting practical experience pro bono, you will mould yourself into a much sought out retail professional.  And if you are an entrepreneur at heart, then you will e able to look into opportunities such as new venture start ups, franchising.

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