Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Heading for an Interview?

A phrase that we have been using time and again. The fact is, it is a profound truth. And it gets at play the most when one heads for the ultimate nerve-juggling task. A Job Interview!

Your first interview for a job unarguably is that decisive moment which has the tendency to influence your entire life, be it personal or be it professional. Have you ever imagined that this moment, if it turns in your favor, will determine the type of outfits you will wear to work, the sort of friends you are going to keep, the kinds of associations you will have to build, the lifestyle you will be leading, to the extent of the rank of schools your children are going to attend? And this makes me wonder, how can we just get away by taking it for a joke?

Showing up late every time, and at times not showing up at all. Devoid of any sense of propriety or common courtesy, we don’t feel the obligation to call our interviewers in advance and letting them know we won’t be able to make it. We are becoming lamer in our excuses even. Can’t we be just a little more creative?


And at times turning up in those dodgy slacks and at others in flip-flops! Will we ever understand the gravity of “any” situation at all?
A job interview is nothing more than a game of impressions; it commences and concludes with the full impact of one word “impression”. Hence it asks for your preparedness for each phase as it unfolds from the beginning to the end, but before that some quick tips:

Do’s and Don’t

Make prior arrangements for transportation and other pitfalls ahead of time. It’s advisable to reach at your venue 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time. This displays punctuality and due diligence. While waiting for the interview try keeping your communication around minimal, as you don’t want to be influenced by anyone’s negativity or suffer “He is better than me” complex. It’s your time to outshine everyone, hence stay focused. Switch off the cell phone. And yes putting it on vibration mode is not silencing it.


Heading for an Interview?

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