Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I Have 2 Jobs and Can’t Decide Which One to Quit, What Should I Do?

I am a 28 years old guy with solid professional IT background of 7 years and for the past 7 months (approx) I’ve been doing 2 jobs. My morning job is at a reputable national financial institute where I work as Graphic Designer and get a very handsome 6-figure check every month for doing very little work as the company needs very little graphic work done on a monthly basis. My evening job is basically a back-office for a fairly big US based company.

I am managing all the working over there. Here is the problem: My parents are old minded people who did 9-5 jobs their whole life. They don’t have a clue what outsourcing is and want me to quit my evening job and continue my morning job. I’ve tried so many times explaining the whole thing to them but they either don’t want to listen to me or not willing to understand me or my work! All they see is the name of the company, the benefits I get over there – and it will bring a good impression to my resume. Now, these working hours are killing me and my performance on both the jobs is getting affected – I need to make a decision and I need advice. Please help me!

Ali hamza

Dear Ali

Juggling two jobs can be quite difficult for anyone and as you have mentioned after a while one can get quite exhausted by continuing both the jobs. Since you have mentioned that you wish to leave one of the 2 jobs, it is time to review the pros and cons and then come to a final decision.

Your description of the two jobs clearly indicates that while you make more money at the day job; you actually love your evening job that enables you to grow professionally and in the end earns you job satisfaction. Both professional growth and job satisfaction are very important factors in deciding which job you should stick too. However, you cannot completely ignore the financial aspects of the job. If your evening job is not paying you enough, you have to decide carefully how you will manage your finances without the day job.

You have also mentioned that your parents are in favour of the day job and you are feeling a lot of pressure from their side to continue on the first job. The fact remains that while you should value and respect your parent’s opinion, the bottom line is that you have to think about your career and what is best for your professional success.

If you are happy with your evening job, you should decide in favour of that one and let your parents know how you feel. In the long run, if you are not satisfied with your job, very soon you’ll be heading for a burnout which really harms ones career.

Best of luck

Rozee Team

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