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We often see attractive advertisements from companies; “JOIN US”, “INTERESTED? WE ARE INTERESTED IN YOU”, “WALK IN INTERVIEWS!”, “COMPETITIVE PAY, JOIN UP NOW!” All these seem very interesting and they do tickle the mind of the humble and sincere human resource. However, in some cases companies posting these advertisements are not professional at all – regardless of the time since they opened their doors to business. “How can a company be bad?” that is the question that most of us ask, we look at the advertisement and we apply – right? Well, without doing any research about the company or observing it, we open ourselves to exploitation. The companies posting these advertisements are not all bad; however, some of them are “time wasters” modestly speaking.

Primary Observations: Observing the Not so Obvious:

So how do you tell if a company is bad? It is actually simpler than most of think; it all starts with you. To avoid a company that is unprofessional, you will need to calm your storm to get the job; the desperation to get a job is often overwhelming but then you would like to be employed by a company where you can stay for long, right?

The second thing to do is to make calculated observations about the outlook of the company. Look at their website, when was it updated last, do they have any copyrights to their website? Do they have a formal e-mail address or do they use a regular “@gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo” to communicate? Okay, so this company in focus checks out, it does have a formal e-mail address and their website has a copyright and updated regularly. Next is to call, this perhaps will give you a very clear sign about the company. Chances are you are connected to a reception desk, ask them to connect you to the HR Department; continue observing the interaction, how long did it take to be connected and what was the reaction of the Reception Desk.

Do be advised a professional mature tone will help you determine the professionalism easier. Make sure to use a mature tone throughout your call; once connected with the HR Department, be honest and tell them you would like to know a little about the position since you saw their advertisement and are interested in applying. You can break the ice by saying something like: “Salaam, I just read your advertisement for the position of ABC that appeared in XYZ and I was wondering if you could kindly tell me a little about the company – I hope this isn’t a bad time?”

Often the HR Department will tell you that they are occupied and the details are all mentioned in the advertisement, this is where your observation comes in. If the advertisement they posted does not contain complete description of the position and you are told that the details are all there in the advertisement, chances are the company is unprofessional. There is no hard and fast rule to this; but a professional company will never bring on board an unprofessional individual. Remember, every employee represents the company.

Feel the Company – Get Down with it:

Let us suppose your first interaction with the company was satisfactory and you feel ready to proceed with the application. You send an e-mail with your resume and wait for the call; one fine day a call comes from the company requesting you to sit an interview. Continue with your observations and accept the invitation; in case you honestly cannot make it to the interview request them for a re-schedule.

On the day of the interview, make sure you are looking professional, hair neatly done; shiny shoes and a brilliantly pressed suit with a modest fragrance coming from you will convey that message rather well. Once in the office look around, see the people around, the atmosphere and most importantly the level of professionalism you feel. In case the company is new and still going through renovations, look how the work is being carried out; the company is conducting interviews so most of the employees naturally know this – observe how they carry out knowing that.

Soon it is your turn and you are called in; be bold, be confident and most of all be professional. When you sit in front of the hiring authority, carry a pleasant yet professional personality, and respond to every question confidently with a calm smile. You may be asked to put forward any questions you may have; to shy away, ask them about the career paths you might have the opportunity to embark on, ask the hiring manager why did s/he join the company. Two way questions like these not only show that you are confident and professional but also convey a message that you are serious about the position and are eager to join a company that is serious as well. Once your interview is complete, it is time to reflect on all your observations.

Reflect and Decide:

Discuss your observations with someone close to you, someone who has been working for years; your father or elder brother for instance. If the company is professional, the entire journey from the call to the interview will have a professional tint to it. It is of utmost importance to make sure the company is formal and serious because “bad companies” have a bad habit of exploiting their resource and once you sign the contract you are bound. So make sure you are bound with someone who is offering the target you would like to “bulls-eye”.

Good Luck!

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