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What Is Better For My Career – Seeking Professional Experience After Bachelors Or Continuing with Masters Right Away?

Question from the Job Seeker

 I have recently completed my undergraduate studies with my majors in Finance. My family and friends strongly believe that I should do my Masters without delay. They say that this will offer me better or well-paid job opportunities. However, there are few instructors who say that the job experience is always a better option after Bachelors because it increases the exposure and learning of the professional world. I applied to certain entry level jobs and received job offers. They are surely paying less (as compared to my expectations), but they say that this will increase over the period. My family members are still against it and want me to make the decision. Can you help me figure this out?

Tehreem Sajid

Answer from ROZEE Team

 Dear Tehreem,

 Many fresh graduates experience such career crossroads after their entry in the job market. It is important to make an informed decision at this stage In order to have better future prospects. Your family and friends have genuine concerns because:

 - Many reputable organizations consider Masters as their minimum degree criteria

- Completing Masters/MBA from a prestigious institute increases your chances of well-paid placements

- The Masters degree addresses the details of your prior concepts. This would offer you a better understanding of the subject (which every job position requires)

- The scope of your career broadens with higher level education and exposure

 The significance of a good Masters/MBA degree is indisputable. It helps you beyond the parameters of a specific job position. You are equipped with advanced knowledge and insight about relevant field of interest.

 Having said this, we would also offer you a few suggestions regarding entry-level placements after Undergraduate studies:

 - Most of the times, such placements are designed to offer you on-the-job training. An employer evaluates your compatibility with the requirements of a particular job. Eventually, it may result in excellent career growth within that organization.

- Achieving relevant work experience allows you to be eligible and apply for the superior job vacancies in the highly-regarded companies.

- You are able to obtain professional exposure and business learning that is beyond the material of textbooks.

- In some instances, the income can support family and/or funds for better educational degree.

 Like you mentioned that you have already received job offers from various employers, this implies that your existing skill set is competitive and commendable. Also, the increasing numbers of fresh graduates entering the job market each year have heightened the competition for the relevant positions. So, if you are able to secure a job at this stage, we would encourage you to consider the options objectively before making a logical & feasible decision for yourself.

 We are hopeful that our suggestions help you choose the most suitable option according to your situation.

 Our sincere wishes for your academic and career advancement!

Good Luck!


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