Friday, 26 November 2010

Strarting a Career from zero

Some people ask me whether they should return and start a career in Pakistan from UAE, Canada, UK, US, while others ask me whether they should leave Pakistan.  My answer to al of them is the same: if you and your family re ready to start from Zero and you have a job in hand or the finances to sustain you through a minimum of one year, the go for it!

Meeting the preliminary criteria before making the move is actually the critical part of my advice.  When you pack up and ship off to any new beginning, remember that you will be re-establishing yourself in terms of home, car, friends, schools, job, etc., land finances will play a critical part in both laying your foundation and sustaining your motivation.  Ensure you have enough.  As the saying goes, “Money makes the world go round, “but I would like to add, “Money makes people go around the world”

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