Monday, 22 November 2010

Way To A Successful Career

There are many types of capacities that are required to power your way to a successful career.  Here are just a few and why they are important in the corporate world.

Intellectual or mental firepower
Required to absorb vast amounts of information, filter out what is not needed, discern patterns and trends in current affairs and future scenario, analyse raw data and knit into a coherent whole.  Have breadth and depth of understanding issues, also in a historical perspective, or being able to see the forest from the trees. 

How to develop?  Reading widely, discussing with experts and stretching yourself to think in unconventional ways.

 Along the way you are bound to face setbacks and personal tragedies.  That job you wanted or lost, a death in the family, issues at home, they all take their tol.  So does being let down or stabbed in the back.  The way you cope with adversity determines if your experiences make you better or bitter. 

How to develop?  Have personal philosophy on life; learn to accept what you cannot change and change what you can; prayer is a great source of strength.  Remember we all believe in God but do not trust him.

You need stamina and vitality to sustain a personal and professional life.  Long work hours are synonymous with career progression and, in the modern world travel is a way of life.  E-mails and telephone conferences at all times of the day or night await you.  So watch your diet and exercise regularly.  Start working on yourself now!

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