Saturday, 20 November 2010

Team up the Tempo

You have lazed around the living room; read the last of the books on the shelf and watched every re-run of Grey’s Anatomy thrice.  In between you have rushed to countless interviews, seeking that perfect job and have had to face one disappointment after another.  When the boredom becomes unbearable, you might want to try your hand at a temporary job.  Although the transition can be difficult, a temporary job can be beneficial in number of way. 

Here is how:
Get to know yourself
Use the experience to examine your strengths and weaknesses.  Perhaps this temporary assignment may e in a field that has always interested you.  Use the time to explore this line of work.

Do not get taxed.
Be prepared to work crazy hours and meet tight deadlines.  As much as you might hate it at the time, if you deliver qualit6yon time, it will help you secure more assignments and keep the unemployed tag off.

Dare to innovate
Do not be afraid to innovate and add spice to your work.  Even the employers are expecting that. 
Do not give up

Be patient; keep practicing the fundamentals; optimism, persistence, and self improvement.  Keep going every time you want to quit.  Value this opportunity and use your time wisely. 

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