Saturday, 19 March 2011

Some Tips for Interview

You are entering the room for an interview what should be your attitude.  Try these tips:
Try to discreetly hold a similar position / facial expressions as you accept counterpart. Avoid overly casual or arrogant positions, however. It is important that you listen carefully and give the feeling to be interested. Therefore, you can still occasionally nod in agreement and or ask questions.

The interlacing of the arms is an absolute taboo! Let your arms just loose. An occasional smile is friendly, open and confident. If you were asked a question, look at your opposite responses in the eye and you do not mumble to himself. When speaking, do not gesticulate frantically. Adequate hand movements that emphasize what is said are appropriate here. To observe all these things and at the same time to listen or even talk to yourself, it requires a lot of practice.
The key points in

    * A solid, handshake
    * Do not just sit down
    * Do not refuse Drinks
    * Mirror the other person
    * The office is no living room, so do not sit too casual
    * Arms do not intertwine
    * provide nod, smile and issues is often seen
    * Eye contact
    * In striking gestures
    * Clearly and distinctly

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