Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Successful Job Interview

The well-known nervousness starts long before the actual interview. For days we struggle with the questions for the appropriate wardrobe or the perfect hairstyle. A neat appearance is important not to neglect and is added, however, much more. Of course everyone is excited when he enters the office of his possible future boss.

The right start
It is important to present themselves confidently, especially if one is applying for a higher office. A firm handshake is a single entry. Moist, wet and cold hands should be avoided. A little trick: Dry your hands before starting shortly on a handkerchief, or (if enough time) wash them with warm water. The first hurdle is done, followed by the second prompt. Sit only when you were asked or you have previously asked. If you are asked if you want to drink something, you agree to the principles forever. This is a gesture of courtesy, even if you have not thirsty.

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